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    Normal Brits insure average things like their car, pet and their house; however there are some random insurance policies that can be taken out that in the world of insurance is simply just bizarre!

    The majority of crazy insurance contracts mainly consist with celebrities and their body parts with things like legs, bums, and voices.

    It is understandable that if a famous person earns their income from a particular asset that they would insure it in case anything hindered future income. Their ‘assets’ are treated upon like a business and that means money.

    Here at Salmon Assessors, we may not necessarily be able to help you with insurance claims regarding your insured teeth but we are the UK’s leading Expert Insurance Claim Negotiators against burglary, flood or fire to your home.

    Strange policies our loss assessors  have found whilst scrawling the web include insuring ones’ taste buds and it was speculated late last year that Kim Kardashian insured her famous bum. Another star that has insured her rear end is of course Jennifer Lopez who insured it for a whopping $27 million.

    When you make your living out of strutting down a catwalk it makes sense to protect your lovely limbs and Heidi Klum did just that for a staggering $2.2 million. What is peculiar though is that the Victoria Secret supermodel insured her right leg for $1.2 million and her left pin for only $1 million.

    Further reports state that Ugly Betty actress America Ferrera took out an insurance policy on her award-winning smile for $10 million; and the former girlfriend of High Hefner Holly Madison insured her breasts for a cool $1 million.

    But it isn’t just female stars that have been taking out wacky covers. The guitar legend Jeff Beck reportedly decided to insure each finger for $1 million in case anything threatened his career with not being able to play the instrument. And English footballer David Beckham has insured his legs for $70 million- the biggest personal insurance policy in sporting history.

    Salmon Assessors are best known for achieving phenomenal results where other loss adjusters fail, so if you need a conventional insurance policy, get in touch today.