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    Salmon Assessors have dealt with hundreds of house subsidence insurance claims over 30-years and no other firm is more qualified to help you to navigate through such claims that are often complex in nature and can take anywhere from a few months to several years to properly resolve.

    At Salmon Assessors, you can be assured of the best advice and although the claim may be complex and long-running the end result is simple, we guarantee to get you every single penny you are due.

    No win, no fee.


    Fully Managed Subsidence Claims

    Subsidence claims require expert management from start to finish. Your insurance company will employ a Loss Adjustor whose sole purpose is to build a case to reduce or decline your subsidence claim outright.

    By employing an expert Loss Assessor to fight your corner, you can focus on doing what you do best while we do what we do best.

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    Alternative Accommodation

    Gaining alternative accommodation is a vital part of most subsidence claims. Your insurer’s appointed loss adjuster will often neglect to tell you your full rights or will offer you the cheapest option available.

    Salmon Assessors will always ensure that you and your family are provided with like-for-like accommodation at no additional cost.

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    No Win No Fee Subsidence Claims

    We work on a total ‘no win, no fee’ basis. Our fees are based on a small percentage of the total settlement amount, so it is in our mutual interest to ensure we achieve the maximum possible settlement on your behalf.

    Our initial consultation is undertaken without any obligation or charge whatsoever.

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    Highest Settlement

    We are regarded as the leading loss assessors in the industry and have over 30-years of successful trading history to show for it. The largest proportion of the work we get is from repeat business or via recommendation.

    There is not another loss assessor that will be able to negotiate a higher settlement then Salmon Assessors.

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    Insurance Experts

    Don’t think that your insurance company will not try to “move goalposts” if it means lowering your claim.

    Our expertise is vital in stopping insurers ‘pulling the wool over our clients’ eyes. There are new rules and regulations recently made law to help the policyholder, and our job is to make sure they are put in place.

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    Settled Quickly And Efficiently

    We receive countless enquiries from potential clients with claims that have been dragging on for months and months (sometimes years).

    By employing Salmon Assessors, you can rest assure that your claim will be presented and settled in the quickest time possible. We will never let the insurance company delay.

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    The term “subsidence” can be enough to strike fear into the minds of some property owners, however, in reality, a large proportion of insurance claims made for subsidence damage are subsequently found after specialist investigation to be due to a much less severe cause.

    Subsidence, where it relates to building structures, is often misunderstood.

    A typical insurance definition of subsidence is – “The downward movement of the ground upon which the building is founded for reasons unconnected to the loading of the ground from the building.”

    Subsidence is the independent downward movement of the ground below a building causing the soil beneath the foundations to become unstable, the affected section of the building then consequently drops causing structural cracks.

    Subsidence is usually due to shrinkage of the ground caused by dehydration of clay soil below foundations either due to prolonged periods of hot dry weather or excessive extraction of moisture by tree roots around the foundations.

    Tree’s don’t have to be right next to a property to cause damage as their roots can extend to a distance over one and a half times the height of the tree. Typical culprits are Oak, Poplar, and Willow although several other species can have a detrimental effect to the stability of foundations

    Conversely, water saturation and soil being washed away by a leaking underground pipe will also undermine foundations causing subsidence damage

    Damage to buildings often mistaken as subsidence can be caused by issues which are not covered under building insurance such as thermal movement between differential materials, ground settlement is the downward movement of a structure related to the compression of ground under the weight of a recently constructed building, roof spread is damage to walls caused by a roof structure that is not self-supporting.

    Symptoms of Subsidence

    If you find sudden cracks have appeared to your property that are over 3mm wide, extending in a diagonal direction and wider at the top than the bottom your property may be suffering subsidence.

    Cracks often extend from the corner of a door or window and will become visible internally and externally. You may also find doors and windows suddenly starting to stick or become difficult to open & shut completely. If you have an extension, cracks may develop being wider at the top than at the bottom where the extension joins the house.

    Floors can drop, and gaps will subsequently develop between the floor surface and the skirting boards

    These are also typical signs that your property may be suffering subsidence.

    The Process

    The first thing to establish for a subsidence claim is whether the building is still moving, what direction it’s moving and the rate at which it’s moving, this can take up to a year.

    It is essential that these elements are determined and monitored thoroughly in order to accurately diagnose the underlying cause of the movement so appropriate measures can be undertaken to resolve the issue.

    Only after accurate diagnosis can any mitigation or stabilisation techniques be identified and implemented prior to fully repairing and reinstating the property.

    We will take an active role to ensure all the elements necessary to restore your property are allowed for and carried out in full.


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