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    • Posted by: Richard Salmon
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    By now, we’re all familiar with the concept of getting our phones, cars, homes and even lives insured, and many of us do as a matter of course. We’ve also heard about the way celebrities get strange things insured, including individual body parts and anything else they might think made them famous and helps them to make money.

    However, there are types of weird insurance around the world that exist for some of the strangest things and are more commonplace than you might expect, with no celebrities to be seen.

    China’s exotic insurance

    In China, for example, insurers are trying their best to phase out ‘exotic’ insurance cover that the public can get for smog, sleep deprivation, acne or indigestion, among other strange things. The ‘Take Care of the Beautiful Cook’ package from insurance firm Alibaba, for example, will pay out in the event of a minor injury incurred while cooking.
    China’s exotic weird insurance

    When the wedding’s off

    Wedsure will help to cover the cost of a cancelled wedding if either the bride or groom call it off at least a year in advance. The cover doesn’t apply to the prospective bride and groom themselves, but their innocent guests and parents could make a claim if they find themselves out of pocket because of a change of heart by either party.

    wedding’s off

    Winning the lottery

    Why would anyone need insurance for winning the lottery you might ask? Well, perhaps the lucky winners don’t need to make a claim, but if they’re in a workplace syndicate and win big then they could put their bosses in a tight spot by all retiring at the same time.

    We all see stories about people in workplaces winning the lottery together, and this is normally seen as a happy ending, whether they keep their much-loved jobs, or all retire to travel the World. What we don’t see, however, is the aftermath of a workplace lottery win once all the employees leave. If this should happen, Lloyds of London can help the unfortunate employers to pick up the pieces with this special lottery package.

    Winning the lottery

    Alien abduction insurance

    It’s not typically up there as a daily concern, but the prospect of being abducted by aliens is certainly worrying enough for at least 30,000 people so far to have taken out insurance against it. At UK firm Goodfellow, Rebecca Ingram Pearson began offering this unusual insurance policy, and so many people took them up on it that other firms have followed suit. It’s not just aliens you can insure yourself for, but also werewolves, vampires, ghosts and zombies!

    Alien abduction

    Immaculate conception insurance

    One for the nuns out there; this insurance was created to protect women who find themselves pregnant quite unexpectedly and without having ‘done the deed’. The idea was to provide financial support to help them look after the resulting child properly.

    Immaculate conception

    The insurance company that was offering this weird insurance service eventually dropped it because of numerous complaints, not least because it showed something of a lack of faith in the providence of the Heavenly Father, who would undoubtedly pay his maintenance.