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    British homes are at an increased risk of burglary over Christmas time. Despite properties being filled with festive food and decorations, it doesn’t deter thieves from breaking in when the family are out at Christmas parties.

    Brand new, expensive presents offer rich pickings for robbers and according to findings by More Than, British households spend an extra £11 billion Christmas goods in December.

    The statistics reveal that Brits are 13% more likely to be burgled in the season than any other month in the year which means insurance claims will be rife. Forget Santa Christmas shimmying down the chimney; it is pesky intruders you need to contend with.

    There are some practical tips homeowners can take to secure the home during the holiday and as specialists in burglary, Salmon Assessors urges households to make sure all the goods are safe from prying burglars’ eyes.

    – Avoid a seasonal catastrophe by putting electronics and presents out of sight and not visible from any windows when not in use; and close the curtains when you go to bed.

    – If you are leaving the home empty for a night to go to a Christmas party, or if you are going away for the festive period, invest in a timer lamp so it looks like someone is home.

    – Make sure all windows and doors are closed and locked securely.

    – If you do have a safe, lock all valuable items away like jewellery, mobile phones and cash.

    – After you have unwrapped your presents don’t put the packaging out for recycling straight away. If a criminal can see a branded box sticking out of the bin they will know a new laptop or TV has just been bought and it is practically inviting them into your home.

    Try to follow these guidelines and have a safe Merry Christmas!

    But rest assured if someone does break into your home, our professional insurance claims loss adjusters will formulate and negotiate the claim as sensitively as possible. We will deal with all of the repairs that may be needed to the home and we will help you substantiate everything that has been stolen.