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    Recent gale force winds across the UK have caused serious damage to many people’s homes.

    The Met Office has issued severe weather warnings to England, Northern Ireland and Scotland after storms reached up to 100mph in certain regions.

    The harsh winds have caused disruption to public transport links and Briton’s properties as tiles are flown off roofs and trees collapse into roads. There are even cases in which debris has fallen through people’s homes to cause thousands of pounds worth of destruction repair.

    The Environment Agency has also issued flood alerts across the country and if you have experienced water damage to your home or business property, you need to call Salmon Assessors immediately to start processing your flood insurance claims.

    The storm has impaired many power lines widespread leaving Brits without power and damage includes smashed glass window panes and fire crews being called out to divert flooding water using sandbags.

    Salmon Assessors have dealt with thousands of claims over the past 25 years and no other firm is more qualified to help you through such a disaster. If your house has been affected by the severe gale force winds get in touch today. The insurance company will send loss adjusters out to visit you so that they can report back with their findings but we also need to take notes of the initial findings in case the water damage claim is refused.

    Our expert loss assessors are on your side and will ensure that we quickly help you find alternative living accommodation.  So give the experts a call!