The discovery that someone has violated the privacy of your home or business is traumatic, and the distress that invariably arises when you’re making an insurance claim can be as bad as or even worse than the actual incident.

So often the written statement that insurance loss adjusters demand of you regarding the circumstances of the burglary leaves you, the innocent victim, feeling like the criminal rather than the victim. The onus of proving ownership and its value will always rest with you, and if you don’t have the receipts and valuations to back up your claim, then there is every possibility that your Insurers will not pay you out.

At Salmon Assessors, we have dealt with thousands of domestic burglary insurance claims over 30-years. We guarantee to get you every single penny you are entitled to. No Win, No Fee.


Fully Managed Burglary Claims

Burglary claims require expert management from start to finish. Your insurance company will employ a Loss Assessor whose sole purpose is to build a case against your claim.

By employing an expert Loss Assessor to fight your corner. You can focus on doing what you do best while we do what we do best.

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Your insurers will do all in their power to find ways to pay you less than you are owed. A very typical method used is something called “Averaging”, they try to prove that you do not have sufficient cover, which allows them to pay a small fraction of what you could get.

It is of the utmost importance that a Loss Assessor is employed as early as possible to ensure the maximum settlement.

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No Win No Fee

We work on a total ‘no win, no fee’ basis. Our fees are based on a small percentage of the total settlement figure so it is in our mutual interest to ensure we achieve the maximum settlement on your behalf.

Our initial consultation is undertaken without any obligation or charge whatsoever.

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Highest Settlement

We are regarded as the leading loss assessors in the industry and have over 30-years of successful trading history to show for it. A huge part of the work we get comes from repeat business or recommendation.

There is no other loss assessor that will be able to get you more than Salmon Assessors.

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Settled Quickly and Efficiently

We receive countless enquiries from potential clients with claims that have been dragging on for months and months (sometimes years).

By employing Salmon Assessors, you can rest assure that your claim will be presented and settled in the quickest time possible.We will never let the insurance company delay.

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Insurance Experts

Insurance companies will always try to bend the rules if it favours giving you the smallest possible payout.

Our expertise is vital in stopping insurers ‘pulling the wool over our clients’ eyes. There are always new rules and regulations set to help the policyholder, and our job is to make sure they are put in place.

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The insurer’s appointed loss adjuster may try to claim as being impartial and independent, but our experience doesn’t. Indeed, at a lecture the Insurance Ombudsman himself told his audience of loss adjusters that it’s easy to see why people are wary of loss adjusters; “You always say how independent you are but, when there is a problem, you always weigh in favour of the insurance company”.

Salmon Assessors will formulate and negotiate your claim so we can get you the maximum entitlement under the terms of the policy.

Salmon Assessors will deal with all of the repairs that need to be made to your home, and we will help you substantiate everything that has been stolen. We have expert valuers within the company, and we don’t have to go out seeking third party valuations. Remember, we’re on your side, and we will not take any nonsense that the insurance company may throw at you. We are not independent; we are fiercely your best ally to get your claim quickly paid.

It is not uncommon, when your insurers validate your jewellery loss, for the value of the replacement jewellery to far exceed the valuables limit that appears on your policy. They often write to their insured confirming that “had they been aware of the value of your replacement jewellery they would not have offered you policy cover” and for this reason, they may avoid your policy and not pay your claim. Many policyholders have contacted Salmon Assessors, having been in this situation, and we have been very successful in negotiating with our client’s insurers whereby they have reversed their decision and have paid the valuables limit. This is only one example where insurers are trying to avoid paying domestic burglary insurance claims, and should you be in this position we can mostly certainly “help you get your claim paid”.


If you’re making a claim of over £3,000, your insurance company will instruct a loss adjuster to ‘investigate’ your claim. The loss adjusters task is to establish what, in his/her opinion, it should cost to repair property damage or replace possessions.

They stress that they provide an entirely independent service but it will not take very long for you to come to the inevitable conclusion that their independence seldom falls in your favour. This is not particularly surprising not least that it isn’t you paying for their services!

The very reason that companies like Salmon Assessors exist is due to the gross negligence with which the insurers’ appointed Loss Adjusters treat policyholders.

We are insurance claim management experts, also known as Loss Assessors. Salmon Assessors are skilful insurance claim negotiators who will guide you through the technical complexities of making even, what may seem, a simple insurance claim.

It is the loss assessors job to ensure that the claim progresses quickly, efficiently and, probably most importantly, ensuring that you get every single penny to which you are entitled. The insurer’s loss adjuster will do all they can to hinder the process, and it’s our role to stop this from happening.

In much the same way that you would not dream of going to a court of law without being represented by a lawyer; or being represented by an accountant if you had a tax investigation, Salmon Assessors offers you the complete insurance claim management service.

Being under-insured can have a huge effect on your claim. It essentially allows the insurance company to reduce the settlement figure severely; they could even reject your claim for gross under-insurance. The issue is that under-insurance isn’t as clear cut as some insurance companies will try to make you think.

In the case of a burglary, a common tactic is for the loss adjuster to try to overstate the value of items that haven’t been stolen. This is all to make it look like you are not adequately insured (when actually you are).

Our role as loss assessors is to build up a conclusive list of items to present to the loss adjuster. If you are worried about under-insurance then it is of the utmost importance to speak to us as soon as possible.

Salmon Assessors have been dealing with under-insurance claims for over 30-year and we know every trick that your insurance company will try. We guarantee to get you every single penny you are owed. The more money you get, the more money we get; there couldn’t be a better incentive!

Our customers come to us at all stages of the claim process, but ideally, we should be instructed from the very beginning. Being instructed from the start allows us to put everything into motion in the best way possible.

Many policyholders contact us 1-2 months into their claim after they notice that the insurers are either heavily delaying the claim or attempting to absolve themselves from any responsibility.

When the insurer’s appointed loss adjuster meets you for the first time, they will be very friendly to try and lull you into a false sense of security. It is in that very meeting when they try and get you to slip up into saying something that may invalidate your claim. Do not be fooled by this; one wrong move can have a huge impact on your settlement figure.   Salmon Assessors can still be employed at this point, but the claim won’t be as plain sailing as it could have been.

Sometimes potential clients will have already had their claim rejected before they contact us. Coming to us at this late stage does make the claims process particularly tricky and overturning a decision isn’t something that is done lightly. In our over 30-year history, Salmon Assessors has managed to reverse thousands of claims that would never have been paid without our intervention.

Our initial consultation is undertaken without any obligation or charge whatsoever.

If we are then appointed to deal our fees are based on a small percentage of the value of the claim, on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis. As such, it is in our mutual benefit to ensure we achieve the maximum settlement amount on your behalf.

It is sensible to seek the services of a Loss Assessor for claims above £10,000. However, Salmon Assessors will be delighted to provide guidance for any claim, simply phone our Customer Help Centre and speak to one of our trained advisors.


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