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That was our second claim. The first time we "went it alone". What a difference having you guys involved!

Peter Barker, Fulham

How Salmon Assessors will help with your Flood Claim

If you’ve experienced water damage at either your home or business, it doesn’t take long for the catastrophe of the situation to sink in. So often, what at first glance seems like a relatively minor incident can quickly turn into a disaster area.

Salmon Assessors have dealt with thousands of claims over 25 years and no other firm is more qualified to help you through such a disaster. It is absolutely vital that you call us immediately after the flood because it is the first few days that are so often critical to making a successful water damage claim.

The insurance company will send a loss adjuster to visit you within 24hrs in order that they can report back to the insurance company with their findings. We also need to note these important initial findings which, in some cases, can prove to be the difference to your water damage claim being met or refused.

So often, the biggest damage to a flood affected property is not the actual water damage itself but the damage to the fabric of the building caused by incorrect drying-out of the property.

For example, before installing dehumidifiers to dry out the property, it is absolutely essential that following water contamination you ensure that the correct chemical sanitisation is carried out after you strip out all of the furniture. You then have to ensure that the correct anti-fungal treatments are used so as to ensure that dry or wet rot isn’t given the chance to take hold in the future.

Only after these procedures have been carried out should you install dehumidifiers and even then it is absolutely vital that the dehumidifiers are not so powerful so as to cause major shrinkage to the building fabric.

Our expert Assessors are on your side and will ensure that we quickly help you find alternative living accommodation. We will coordinate all aspects of your claim and ensure that we get every last penny to which you are entitled.

What To Do Next

There isn't a better qualified firm of insurance claim negotiators than Salmon Assessors.  Our claims management is second to none and each of our specialist departments is headed by loss assessors with at least 25 years experience.

If you have an outstanding insurance claim, we will give you free, open and honest advice as to how we can help.  If we cannot help you or we believe that our fees are disproportionate to the size of your claim, we guarantee you that we will still spend time with you over the phone and give you all possible assistance at no cost.


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