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    TCB (Insurance Broker)

Fire Claims

For over 30 years we have negotiated thousands of fire and smoke damage claims. There isn't another firm of Loss Assessors who can claim to be more qualified than Salmon Assessors to guide you through the trauma of a claim.

Flood Claims

If you've experienced water damage at either your home or business, it doesn't take long for the catastrophe of the situation to sink in. So often, what at first glance seems like a relatively minor incident, can quickly turn into a disaster area.

Burglary Claims

To discover that someone has violated the privacy of your home or business is traumatic, to say the least. The stress that invariably arises when you are dealing with your insurance company can be as bad or even worse than the actual incident itself.

Commercial Claims

Every day we are contacted by the owners of business to help them ensure a swift negotiated settlement of burglary, fire or flood claims. So often the owners thought that the claim would be a very straightforward matter. It seldom turns out that way!

What is a Loss Adjuster?

If you’re making a claim of over £3,000, your insurance company will instruct a Loss Adjuster to ‘investigate’ your claim.  His task is to establish what, in his opinion, it should cost to repair the damage or replace stolen possessions.  They stress that they provide a completely independent service but it will not take very long for you to be drawn to the inevitable conclusion that their independence seldom falls in your favour…This is not particularly surprising not least that you are not paying for their services!

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Why Do I Need a Loss Assessor?

We are insurance claim management experts, also known as Loss Assessors.  We are expert insurance claim negotiators who will guide you through the technical complexities of making even, what may seem, a simple insurance claim.  In much the same way that you would not dream of going to a Court of Law without being represented by a lawyer; or being represented by an accountant if you had a tax investigation, Salmon Assessors offers you the complete insurance claim management service.

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What We Can Do For You

Salmon Assessors are acknowledged both by the Media and our clients as the UK's leading Expert Insurance Claim Negotiators. No other Loss Assessor can legitimately claim to be able to guarantee a higher settlement from your insurers.

We are best known for achieving phenomenal results where other loss adjusters and loss assessors fail. We simply don't know the meaning of "give-up" and we'll fight your corner until we get you the highest possible settlement. We are the company that other loss adjusters often turn to when they need advice!

Loss Adjusters | Loss Assessors | Insurance Claims Advice

You have every right to assume that your insurance company will honour your insurance contract and pay you out with the same speed when you paid your insurance premium. Unfortunately, this rarely happens and so often your insurers rely on the small print  to reduce your claim. The vast majority of insurance claimants are under the very naïve impression that the Loss Adjusters employed by your insurers are independent. In fact, many policyholders express great surprise when they quickly realise that the Loss Adjuster is not independent and is, in fact, paid by your insurer to represent their interests, not yours. We are Salmon Assessors, the UK’s best known Insurance Claim Management Consultants also known as Loss Assessors.  Many of our clients also believe that we are independent. We are not! How can we be independent. Let’s explain….

To be “independent” means “precisely” that!  It is impossible to be truly independent if you’re being paid by only one party. We get paid by you or by your building contractors, so we are obviously always going to “fight your corner”. The Loss Adjuster acting for the insurance company is being paid by them thus he will always be “fighting their corner”. But you don’t have to take our word for it. A few years ago The Insurance Ombudsman himself confirmed that “….Whenever there is a doubt, the Loss Adjuster, as the representative of the Insurance Company, will always side with the insurer who is paying his fees.

Salmon Assessors are the United Kingdom's best known insurance claim experts and, more often than not, it is our Chairman and founder, Jeff Salmon (yes, the same Jeff Salmon who starred in Channel 4’s primetime Four Rooms negotiation series!) to whom the media often first call upon for comment on any major insurance story of the day.

A question that we are often asked to answer is why should you employ a Claims Management Expert when you could negotiate the claim yourself. It’s a fair question and we hope you might agree that the answer is equally as fair!  We handle hundreds of claims every year. If you’re really unlucky, you may handle two or three insurance claims in your lifetime!. Negotiating insurance  claims is all we do and we do it superbly. We know our way around the industry and we are on very good terms with every insurance company and Loss Adjusting firm. There’s a lovely saying that goes, “The Fastest doesn’t always win the race and the Strongest doesn’t always win the fight….but that’s where the smart money goes”.  The chances of you getting a better settlement than Salmon Assessors whose sole business is the negotiation of insurance claims  is remote. We know what can or can't be claimed for. We will not be intimidated by your insurers who will want to reduce or repudiate your claim. And because our fees are either based upon a small percentage of what we achieve for you, (or often free of any charge if you’ve had a flood or fire and you use our insurance approved network of contractors) it is very much in our interest to ensure that we negotiate the highest possible settlement. The more we get the more we earn. There isn’t a better incentive for us to make sure we get you the maximum settlement!

60% of our customers are actually repeat business from our original clients or their families. They return to us time and time again because we are expert insurance claim negotiators and in many cases we’ve become family friends!

It may also surprise you to learn that 35% of our claims are passed to us by Insurance Brokers and Accountants themselves who recognise that their client’s will be very well “looked after”. An insurance brokers business is to get the best possible policy at the best possible price…….it is not negotiating insurance claims!

If you simply need insurance claims advice then please note that we make no charge whatsoever for any advice we give you over the telephone relating to your insurance claim help. Or feel free to visit us (but make an appointment first!)

In the final analysis, perhaps the real advantage of instructing an insurance claims management specialist (we hope it's us!) is to save you from the inordinate amount of time and aggravation that negotiating claims inevitably brings.. It is a rare instance when our fees are not at least covered by the extra amount we will bring to your claim by way of our technical expertise.